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Hand Held Models Z and ZDL Series
  • Compact and Light weight
  • Simple to use
  • TWA, STEL and Peak
  • Data logging Option
  • Adjustable Alarm

This series of instruments includes an integrated micro controller for advanced applications, while still maintaining the handheld design. These meters have the capability of calculating and displaying TWA, STEL and peak values. The zeroing procedure is completely automated. Internal memory is an available option for storage of all of the exposure points up to a total of 14,400 data points (40 hours of data at 10 sec. Interval).

Filter Technology Eliminates Interferences:

*The Z-300 formaldehyde monitor and Z-200 glutaraldehyde monitor use an external filter to minimize the effect of interfering gases. With no filter in place, the sensor is exposed to the target gas and the chemicals that may interfere. When the filter is added, the target gas is removed. The instrument then accurately determines the difference in the signal from the sensor. This is proprtional to the amount of the target gas, with elimination of potential interference from other chemicals. The procedure is automatic when the command to measure is given.

Optional Data Logging (ZDL models):

ZDL series stores all of the exposure points for up to 14.400 points at 10 sec. interval (a log is created in the instrument’s internal memory each time it is used). Each log contains: date, time, number of exposure points, and the actual exposure points. All of the log files easily uploaded to PC using components available within the Microsoft Windows Operating System or the custom terminal software included with the instrument. The software allows the data to easily be copied and pasted into third party software (such as Excel) for further analysis.

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Available Sensors:

Ammonia Hydrogen Sulfide
Carbon Monoxide Nitric Oxide
Chlorine Oxygen
Ethylene Oxide Nitrogen Dioxide
Formaldehyde Ozone
Glutaraldehyde Sulfur Dioxide

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